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Stair Lifts

Having difficulty getting up and down the stairs? Want to stay in your two-story home rather than move? A stair lift may be the answer for you. You'd be surprised by just how quickly and easily a stair lift is installed. Most units are installed in less than 2 hours.

Abby Lifts: Abby Stair Lift
Abby Stair Lift
Abby Lifts: Abby Stair Lift
Abby Space Saver Stair Lift
Abby Lifts: Abby Outdoor Stair Lift
Abby Outdoor Lift

The Abby Superglide stair lift is a battery-operated unit that has a smooth start-and-stop option. A swivel seat, handheld remote control, and easy to use joystick are just some of the standard features of this product. Also standard are five safety sensors to detect possible obstructions on the steps.

Abby Lifts:  Curved Stair Lift
Curved Stair Lift
Abby Lifts: Abby Perch Stair Lift
Abby Perch Lift

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